Computer & Network Repair

Computer & Network repairRemote repairTechnology Consulting
The core service we offer is Computer and Network repair. We started providing these servies to our cusotmers in the CSRA in 2004. Let us help you focus on your work by allowing us to help you with your computer and network problems. With over 10 years of working experience and numerous industry certifications we have what it takes to correct your problems. We also offer flat rate repairs as well as retainer discounts for contract customers. Call us and lets work together to get you back to doing what you do best and let us handle your computer and network issues.
We also offer remote repair for time sensitive situations or for customers who are outside of our immediate service area. Sometimes you just have simple question that doesn't merit a service call. We can remotely connect to your computer and work with you to correct the issue.
Technology consultingWe understand that in your business you are an expert. But with technology changing around us every moment of the day its hard to keep up. Let us help move your business to the forefront of technology so you can keep up with the big boys with the same tools. We can analyse your business system and streamline your process and help you create new proficiency. Want to share files with remote offices? Want to print to remote locations without complicated adjustments? How about creating pdf documents of all of your important regularly used business files and allowing secure access to them online. Or maybe you have been thinking about an idea that you want to implement and just don’t know if it can be done…. Rest assured we have you covered.